The House - coworking in Las Palmas

We spend more time at work than at home so why not work somewhere you love to be?
We are right in the heart of Triana, surrounded by cafes and shops. Our roof terrace has wifi and sofas to chill out on when you need a break, we have stand up desks so your back gets a break and a meeting room with comfy sofas. But most importantly we are a community. We share ideas, projects and help each other grow. We're not just a house, we're a home.

Learn English free

We have English, American, Dutch and Spanish coworkers in The House so we speak a mixture of English and Spanish. If you want to learn English at work this is a perfect opportunity.

Roof terrace with sofas and wifi

Fancy a change of scene? A bit of fresh air, a break to get some inspiration? Head up to our shaded roof terrace with views over the street. Sit back on the sofa and relax, meet with a client or just work.

Meeting room with TV and wifi

Need to meet a client or group Skype to the USA? Our meeting room has super fast wifi, a giant TV with Apple TV and PC connection and everything you need to impress your customers.

Super fast internet

We have 300mbs download and 30mpbs upload available over wifi and cabled connections. You will never have a problem with the internet here.

Standing work area

Sitting down all day is not great for your back so we’ve built an area where anyone can go and work standing up. They work like our hot desks, just take your laptop and give your back a break.

Informal meeting room with sofas

Sometimes you just want to sit down with your team or client and draw all over a wall. Grab a coffee and head to our second meeting room and start drawing away.

Kitchen with all the mod cons

We all need to eat and drink. So we’ve got a kitchen with everything you need. If you get in early you’ll often find croissants and pastries too.

24/7 Access

If you rent a desk for a month or more you get your own keys with 24/7 access to our awesome place.

Flexible pricing

Everyone has different needs so we try to cater for everyone. We have permanent desks, temporary desks, hot desks and membership only. From 30€-150€ / month.


From 30€ for membership we have plans for everyone. Contact us now for a free day trial.


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The best coworking space in downtown Las Palmas is upsizing.

Bigger premises, better coffee and double the terrace space.

Opening July.

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