5 Incredible Facts About Coworking

Facts About CoworkingCoworking is on a mind-blowing growth trajectory, as more of us turn our backs on traditional employment models and become digital nomads.

A recent worldwide study – The 2017 Global Coworking Survey – threw up some very interesting facts about growth within the sector, that blew us away.

5 almost unbelievable stats about the state of coworking in 2018

1. In 2011 there were just 1,139 coworking spaces around the world. As we head into the new year there are almost 14,000!

2. A staggering 71% of coworkers have collaborated on new projects with other users – 11% have gone on to form a new company or business.

3. More than a quarter of coworkers have their rental fees paid by an employer. The implications of this are huge and give us an idea just how many companies now allow their staff to work off-site.

4. 44% of coworkers describe themselves as a digital nomad and will use multiple spaces over the next year.

5. 67% of coworking spaces plan to expand in 2018 and 42% will be opening an additional location.

Read the full 2017 Global Coworking Survey here.

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