About us

A Brief History

The House was formed in October 2015 with the sole intention of building a high quality co-working centre right in the heart of the city. The original members Secret Source, Aplus Factory and Muum Design wanted to create an inspirational work space where we would enjoy coming to everyday and where we’d meet great people and be inspired to work so in 2015 we opened The House.

After 3 successful years growing from 8 coworkers to 35 we purchased our own building and restored an old government office in Calle Bravo Murillo and in July 2018 we moved!

Our new office can comfortably fit over 60 people working, has two, yes two terraces, and has been designed and built by the amazing Oscar Rodriguez.

We believe that if we create a space where we are inspired to work and where we can meet people to inspire us we can do great things. Check out our blog for some of the joint projects we are doing together.

Thanks to …