The House – designed to maximise your network

Did you know that most work interactions happen with the person sitting next to you? But what if your next super-contact is just 2 rooms away and you never meet them? Here at The House we’ve thought about this very problem very, very carefully. We know that networking and meeting new people can make or break a new business so we’ve designed our co-working space to maximise the chance of random interactions.

Where you sit matters

According to who you sit next to has a direct link to the amount of work interactions you have, with 60% of all work interactions happening with those in your close proximity. Therefore designing an office to maximise the chance of interacting with others is essential if you want to make those connections that could make your business.

At The House we have carefully designed the work areas to maximise your chance of interactions.

Little things like the water cooler is positioned in the middle of the office so you have to pass other people to fill up your glass of water, and big things like our scheduled lunch time and chillout areas.

Lunch time

At The House every day between 1330 and 1400 almost everybody goes up to the roof terrace to have lunch. Not only do we get much needed fresh air but we meet new people everyday, whether it is the new programmer from the Czech Republic, the new Internet sensation from Romania or the famous sports journalist just passing through, we interact with everyone and make new connections and friends everyday.


Our kitchen is an actual kitchen not a table at the back of the office so people go there and chat while making their cortado or hot chocolate. Every Friday we provide free fruit, croissants and yoghurt so people have breakfast together too.

Informal chill out area

We are currently building a new area in the office with sofas and coffee tables where people can work in comfort or just have informal meetings.

Our super roof terrace

We reckon we have the best office roof terrace in Triana. We have a hammock, a sofa and many tables and chairs. Our coworkers often pop up to the roof for a break or an informal chat. It’s a great place to meet you new people and make that all important new contact.

So if you want to meet new people, get new business contacts and help your company pop round to The House and have lunch with us, hang out in the kitchen or just chat to the person sat next to you. Contact us now to see how you can get a desk from just 100€ a month.

Cycle to work at The House and be more productive

Here at The House in Las Palmas we’re always looking at making our coworking office the best possible place to work on the island. This month we’re doing all we can to make it easier for our coworkers to cycle to work. A new bike rack, cycle path map and a guide to getting a free bike.

The benefits of cycling to work at The House

We all know that exercising is good for you. It makes you happier, sleep better and healthier. You’ll be ill less and you’ll look better but did you know it also makes you more productive? Did you know that if you exercise you’ll not only look like an adonis you’ll also rule your workplace?

“How can exercise help me at work?” I hear you say. “It’ll just make me tired” “I don’t need to be fit to sit at a desk and send emails”. Well, according to exercise has many effects on how you perform in the workplace.  

  • You’ll be more alert and have more energy – increased blood flow to the brain will make you feel more awake at work and more capable tackling your daily work challenges.
  • Better physical health – Being fitter means you can handle any active parts of your job with ease.
  • Better mental health – the better your mental health the more productive you are, that’s obvious. Do exercise and curb feelings of anxiety and depression.
  • Illness prevention – Fitter people get ill less. We all know that. Do exercise and spend more days being productive than lying in bed watching re-runs of Friends.

Bike facilities at The House

  • 50 metres from the best cycle path on the island – We are situated a stone’s throw from the best cycle path on the island. The Avenida Maritima. Walk over Calle Triana, jump on your bike and within 2 minutes you’ll be cycling on a dedicated cycle path next to the sea. What better way to start or finish your day?
  • Secure internal bike rack – This month we’ve added a new bike rack in our internal patio. So you can store your bike safely and conveniently during the day. We also have a large changing room and space to leave your cycling clothes.
  • We’re close to almost everywhere in Las Palmas –  We’re 15 minutes cycle from Las Canteras. 5 minutes from Vegueta and 20 minutes from pretty much anywhere else in the city.

Where do I get a bike?

Cruise the city in these fab bikes
Cruise the city in these fab bikes

So you’re new to the island and you want a bike to be more productive at work where can you get a bike?

You can get one for free using the city’s free bike service – bybike . There is a drop off point about 50 metres from our office next to the Gabinete Literario

If you want a new bike, Decathlon in Telde is the easiest.

If you want a flashy bike, freemotion have a great selection of top-of-the-range second hand road bikes and mountain bikes.

If you just want something on a budget check out what’s available on the Spanish second hand website

So, if you’re here in the city and looking for a place to work. Get yourself a bike or sign up to the city’s free bike scheme and come to work refreshed and ready to tackle the day at The House. Desks available from only 100€ a month. Contact us now.

23 reasons why digital nomads come to Gran Canaria

During the last month The House has hosted digital nomads from the Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, UK, USA, The Cape Verde Islands and even Spain. We’ve had programmers, SEO experts, data visualisation people and translators. But why have they come to Gran Canaria? Why is Las Palmas considered the second best place in the world to be a digital nomad?

We know why 🙂

It’s hot, Gran Canaria is a great place to live and there are many, many like minded people to hang out with and work with while you’re here. However our friends at Gran Canaria Info have a few more reasons – 23 in fact. Have a look at their great article here.

If you are a digital nomad and need a desk and a great work atmosphere while you’re here pop in and have a chat. There’s always someone in from 9am to 5pm. We’ll show you around and have a coffee on the roof terrace overlooking Triana.

Our first Christmas meal

Last Thursday we celebrated our first Christmas meal. Twenty one of us from The House had a long lunch at Maria y Stuart in Triana where we enjoyed some “British Tapas”.

To keep up with our international feel we enjoyed some Fish and Chips, Roast pork and Potatoes, Caesar salad and Brownies (not quite British but very American) and a big glass of Pimms. Julien kindly brought some Christmas crackers and we spent the rest of the afternoon telling bad English jokes and wearing paper hats.

Thanks a lot to everyone for a great afternoon and thanks to Maria and Stuart for a fantastic meal.

English Friday

We are a multilingual lot here at The House, there’re a couple of English guys, an American a Dutch guy, a French guy, Italian girl, Swedish guy a few from the mainland and a few Canarians. We’ve also had people from Czech Republic, Cape Verde and Poland working here too. We all speak Spanish but not all of us are fluent in English yet so every Friday we try to change that with English Friday.

English Friday is simple – everyone speaks English to each other. We bring in croissants to give people an excuse to socialise even more than usual and everyone gets a free conversation class. As there are a few ex-teachers in the office everyone gets free lessons too. We’ve been running it for over a month now and it is working really well, so well that many are now speaking in English throughout the week too.

We’ve published our English Friday poster on twitter #englishfriday so if you think your business needs an excuse to speak more English why not give English Friday a go too and let us know with the hashtag #englishfriday . Download our poster and see how it goes.


We’re full after just one month!

On the 1st November we opened our doors to the public and after just one month we have filled every permanent and hot desk and there is even a waiting list! Over the next two weeks we’ll be adding a couple more standing desks so there will be room for a couple more hot desks – we’ll announce when they are ready and there are spaces again. Thanks so much to everyone for helping spread the word. We are really, really grateful.

When we opened in November we opened as an international co working centre where we spoke English and tried to instil an international feel to the place. We wanted to create a co working centre with the atmosphere of the shared working spaces in the USA and UK. We had imagined we’d have mostly Canarian entrepreneurs and local businesses with the odd digital nomad. However The House is now a buzzing place where we speak English, Spanish and French and  a multitude of Eastern European and African languages.

Working today, on December 2nd 2015, we have 1 English guy, an American, a half English / American girl, a Polish programmer, a French guy, an Italian girl, a Swedish guy from the Ivory Coast, a programmer from the Cape Verde islands, an English musician and an English translator, an architect from the Czech Republic and a Dutch entrepreneur, 3 people from mainland Spain and a handful of Canarians (photographers, designers, engineers, a translator and a gastronomic tour guide).

Thanks so much to everyone for making The House such a great place to work.

In January we have 1 desk free so if your interested please get in touch ASAP.


Collaboration with Pequeños Valientes

The association “Niños con Cáncer. Pequeño Valiente” (Children with Cancer. Little brave one), was created to help improve the quality of life of children treated in the oncology department of the maternity hospital in Las Palmas .

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, their life and the life of their family changes suddenly. Fortunately, a large percentage of them overcome the disease, but the process is often long and complicated. “Pequeño Valiente” accompanies the children and their families all the way, providing assistance from playing with the children on a daily basis, to financial support for families with difficulties.

“Pequeño Valiente” is a non profit organisation, and can only provide the help needed with the invaluable assistance of volunteers, contributions of partners and collaborators, in addition to the money raised at events that the association organises throughout the year.

The House has began working with “Pequeño Valiente” to help improve their visual communication and help spread the word about its cause to first, increase the number of members and volunteers, and secondly, to inform the public about their activities and help encourage greater participation. All the companies situated in The House, including specialists in graphic design, web programming, social networking, translation and project management will be working with this great cause to help all the brave little children suffering from cancer.

If you want to get involved please get in contact to see how you can help this great cause.

300mb internet over cable and on wifi !!

We have just finished upgrading our new internet connection and we can now boast download speeds of 300mb+ over cable AND wifi in all the office areas!

The screenshot from Speedtest is from an old Macbook pro over wifi in the furthest corner of the office. It’s even faster just next to the wifi antenna!

Grab yourself a monthly membership and get superfast internet at your desk, on the roof terrace and even in the cafes outside.

Everyone here learns a new English phrase every week

One of the many reasons people come to work at The House is the opportunity to practice English everyday and all the things we do to help people learn. This week we started a new initiative – “Phrase of the week”.

Every week we will publish a new phrase in the coworking and encourage people to use it in and around the office. We have also put it in a place where everyone will see it everyday – the bathroom. So next time we take a break from work for 5 mins and we’re relaxing in the quiet of the bathroom we’ll learn something useful.

This week’s phrase of the week (if you can’t read the photo)

Phrase of the week

While you’re sitting on the loo having a number two, why not learn some English?

Blew me away

When something blows you away, you’re extremely impressed by it.

The latest James Bond film just blew me away. It was the most amazing film I had ever seen.

If you’d like to work at The House and get your free daily English classes with our resident Englishman, American and Dutchman please give us a shout.

Las Palmas is the second best place to work in the world

Wondering where to set up your next start up? Thinking about working as a digital nomad for a while? Well, according to Las Palmas is the second best place in the world to go.

Top of the list is Chiang Mai in Thailand but hot on its heels is our very own Las Palmas. Rated high for fun, safety, cost and weather what else could you want?

  • Great nightlife – check
  • Summer all year – check
  • Sports for everyone – check
  • World class cultural events – check
  • Amazing scenery and beaches – check
  • Cheap flights to all Europe – check
  • Amazing co-working places – check 😉

Here at the house we welcome everyone, from small businesses run by born and bred Canarians to itinerant Scandinavians setting up their new start up. Give us a call or pop in to see how we can help you and your business.