WordCamp 2018 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Book early if you need a co-working space between now and the end of February, as our hometown is playing host to WordCamp 2018 Las Palmas. Our friends at Secret Source are just one of the dozens of companies, open sourcers and WordPress gurus who’ll be speaking at the 3 day event.

Check out the following post from their blog which has all the info you need.

WordCamp 2018 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 23rd-25th February

wordcamp 2018 las palmas de gran canariaFebruary sees our hometown of Las Palmas host the latest European WordCamp meetup – 3 days of talks, presentations and workshops dedicated to all things WordPress.

What is WordCamp?

Built around a largely informal community of WordPress users from all over the world, WordCamps are organised and run by local volunteers, with the goal of sharing ideas and experience. While there’s a clear structure and program of events, there’s also an emphasis on coming together as a community, networking and sharing ideas with each other.

When is it?

WordCamp 2018 Las Palmas will take place at the impressive Elder Museum of Science & Technology here in Las Palmas and runs from the 23rd to the 25th of February – it’s open to anyone with an interest in WordPress. From part-time bloggers and newbies to professional developers and consultants, WordPress is the web platform of choice for almost a third of online businesses – more than 75 million websites – making it by far the most popular content management system in the world.

What’s happening?

2018 wordpress wordcamp las palmasWordCamp Las Palmas will host a variety of guest speakers – including our own developer Inma González who’ll be leading a session on developing WordPress plugins, from original concept through to finished article.

Other speakers and workshops will cover a wide selection of WordPress related topics ranging from launching a new business with online to complex debugging strategies.

For a full program of workshops and speakers, ticket prices and venue details check out the WordCamp Las Palmas 2018 website here.

Alternatively, for up to the minute news on WordCamp 2018 Las Palmas try the hashtag #WCGranCanaria on your favourite social media.

(This post first appeared on the Secret Source blog. Read the original here.)

5 Incredible Facts About Coworking

Facts About CoworkingCoworking is on a mind-blowing growth trajectory, as more of us turn our backs on traditional employment models and become digital nomads.

A recent worldwide study – The 2017 Global Coworking Survey – threw up some very interesting facts about growth within the sector, that blew us away.

5 almost unbelievable stats about the state of coworking in 2018

1. In 2011 there were just 1,139 coworking spaces around the world. As we head into the new year there are almost 14,000!

2. A staggering 71% of coworkers have collaborated on new projects with other users – 11% have gone on to form a new company or business.

3. More than a quarter of coworkers have their rental fees paid by an employer. The implications of this are huge and give us an idea just how many companies now allow their staff to work off-site.

4. 44% of coworkers describe themselves as a digital nomad and will use multiple spaces over the next year.

5. 67% of coworking spaces plan to expand in 2018 and 42% will be opening an additional location.

Read the full 2017 Global Coworking Survey here.

Working together in The House – TVMucho

One of the great advantages of working in a shared workspace such as The House are the synergies that evolve and the working opportunities that arise from working together. We are such a close knit group that sometimes up to 50% of our work is from other members of The House.

Vince moved into the House in October when we opened and presented his project to us all. An IP TV box that will allow expats to watch their own TV when abroad but he needed good web programmers for his website, an industrial designer to design the packaging, designers to work on the corporate identity and someone to help building the business here in Las Palmas.

The House – designed to maximise your network

Did you know that most work interactions happen with the person sitting next to you? But what if your next super-contact is just 2 rooms away and you never meet them? Here at The House we’ve thought about this very problem very, very carefully. We know that networking and meeting new people can make or break a new business so we’ve designed our co-working space to maximise the chance of random interactions.

Where you sit matters

According to entrepreneur.com who you sit next to has a direct link to the amount of work interactions you have, with 60% of all work interactions happening with those in your close proximity. Therefore designing an office to maximise the chance of interacting with others is essential if you want to make those connections that could make your business. Continue reading “The House – designed to maximise your network”

Cycle to work at The House and be more productive

Here at The House in Las Palmas we’re always looking at making our coworking office the best possible place to work on the island. This month we’re doing all we can to make it easier for our coworkers to cycle to work. A new bike rack, cycle path map and a guide to getting a free bike.

The benefits of cycling to work at The House

We all know that exercising is good for you. It makes you happier, sleep better and healthier. You’ll be ill less and you’ll look better but did you know it also makes you more productive? Did you know that if you exercise you’ll not only look like an adonis you’ll also rule your workplace? Continue reading “Cycle to work at The House and be more productive”

23 reasons why digital nomads come to Gran Canaria

During the last month The House has hosted digital nomads from the Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, UK, USA, The Cape Verde Islands and even Spain. We’ve had programmers, SEO experts, data visualisation people and translators. But why have they come to Gran Canaria? Why is Las Palmas considered the second best place in the world to be a digital nomad?

We know why 🙂 Continue reading “23 reasons why digital nomads come to Gran Canaria”

Our first Christmas meal

Last Thursday we celebrated our first Christmas meal. Twenty one of us from The House had a long lunch at Maria y Stuart in Triana where we enjoyed some “British Tapas”.

To keep up with our international feel we enjoyed some Fish and Chips, Roast pork and Potatoes, Caesar salad and Brownies (not quite British but very American) and a big glass of Pimms. Julien kindly brought some Christmas crackers and we spent the rest of the afternoon telling bad English jokes and wearing paper hats. Continue reading “Our first Christmas meal”

English Friday

We are a multilingual lot here at The House, there’re a couple of English guys, an American a Dutch guy, a French guy, Italian girl, Swedish guy a few from the mainland and a few Canarians. We’ve also had people from Czech Republic, Cape Verde and Poland working here too. We all speak Spanish but not all of us are fluent in English yet so every Friday we try to change that with English Friday. Continue reading “English Friday”

We’re full after just one month!

On the 1st November we opened our doors to the public and after just one month we have filled every permanent and hot desk and there is even a waiting list! Over the next two weeks we’ll be adding a couple more standing desks so there will be room for a couple more hot desks – we’ll announce when they are ready and there are spaces again. Thanks so much to everyone for helping spread the word. We are really, really grateful. Continue reading “We’re full after just one month!”