Meetups @ The House

Hosting a seminar or meetup in Las Palmas?
We have just the spot.

The large basement area we have at The House is proving a popular venue for developer’s meetups in Las Palmas, with more and more groups booking out rooms for networking events, as well as our own hugely popular weekly series of Ted’s Talks.

Ted’s Talks at The House are hosted by local web guru Ted Stresen-Reuter, CTO at Secret Source, or one of his team, and typically cover various aspects of their work as a UK-facing development company.

Topics so far have included; PHP, Ruby on Rails, REACT, AI, CRAP web design, managing workload and publishing. We’re trying our best to keep a healthy balance of pure development and non-dev subjects.

If you’re in Las Palmas and you’d like to join us one thursday afternoon, you’ll be more than welcome to join us.

Better still, if you know your stuff and you’d like to share your knowledge with our coworkers, get in touch and we’ll book you a slot.

meetups in las palmas

Likewise, if you’re hosting meetups in Las Palmas, we have plenty of space and a wide choice of rooms available. There’s even a quiet, shady roof terrace with lots of seating, if you’d like to meet outside.

Find out more on all upcoming events at The House on our Facebook page or at the Meetups website here.

If you’d like to book one of our rooms to host your own event give us a call on +34 928359902
or click here to send us an email.

3 reasons you should be coworking in Gran Canaria, the best tools and gadgets for digital nomads and a whole lot more…

In this month’s round-up we have 3 excellent reasons to consider coworking in Gran Canaria next month, a look at how big business is poaching the habits of freelance workers and reviews of the best tools and gadgets for digital nomads.

Coworking @ the local mall? Really?

Heard the one about the New York restaurant doubling up as a coworking space between sittings? Hot in their tracks come a bunch of startups looking to establish pop-up coworking spaces in empty shops and even shopping malls, according to the BusinessInsider website.

cowork gran canaria

Companies like Spacious and IndustriousOffice target restaurants in upmarket neighbourhoods looking to turn a profit from dead time, empty store spaces, functioning stores in search of a side hustle and even shopping malls, desperate for some respite from the retail apocalypse.

Big business tapping the cowork ethos

Local shopping centres aren’t the only ones out to profit from demand for coworking space and the huge numbers of us now working freelance. The Harvard Business Review recently published a study revealing several large companies are now running their own coworking spaces, where staff work side by side with independent contractors.

Authors Gabor Nagy and Greg Lidsay highlight a Paris coworking space owned and managed by telecoms giant Orange. Described by the company as “corpoworking”, the VBN centre is home to around 60 coworkers, half are Orange employees while the rest are made up of jobbing freelancers.

The results make a fascinating read, not just for freelance workers and coworking space owners, but also for big business looking to poach agile methodologies, high productivity levels and – let’s be honest – inject a little hipness into their lives.

coworking in gran canaria

Live free or die trying

Reality check time. News website BBNTimes has a sobering article asking whether you should give up the dream of becoming a digital nomad and go back to a life more normal. Author Kristen O’Connell asks some tough questions about the mindset, drive and confidence needed to really make a success of combining work and travel as a career.

On a more positive note, she includes lots of smart tips and advice for actually succeeding, embracing the lifestyle and building a profitable remote business. Read the full article here.

Tools & gadgets for digital nomads

What tools help you manage your workload, speak with clients, share files or communicate with colleagues around the world? The rather unfortunately named, but award-winning AmateurTraveler website has a distinctly professional list of 7 essential tools for digital nomads right here.

Meanwhile, travel blogger and serial nomad Julia – at the Jey Jetter website – has compiled a useful list of gadgets that make life and work on the road easier and more productive. These go way beyond the usual powerbank and USB stick fluff with some really useful and imaginative ideas. Check out her full list of the best digital nomad gadgets here.

While we’re on the subject of buying stuff, if you’re looking for luggage the Travel & Leisure blogger Rena Behar has reviewed a bunch of the best laptop rucksacks for heavy travellers here.

Stand & Deliver

New research published on the BBC News website suggests using a standing desk, which allows users to adjust their position through the day, can boost performance and output. Tests were carried out on a group of 146 health professionals, with half using new sit/stand desks and the rest using traditional office furniture for a year.

Among those with the new style desks researchers found employees reported feeling engaged for longer, more productive and less likely to experience fatigue and the dreaded post-lunch dip. One unexpected finding was that the control group increased the amount of time they stood each day, from around 50 minutes at the beginning of the experiment, to almost an hour and a half over the course of the one year study.

What do you think? Do you use stand up desks to work? After introducing a few at The House we’ve had a great response and are considering many more. But we’d love to know what you think. Feel free to add your comments at the end of this post. Or, better still, drop by and give one a try.

womad gran canaria 2018

November is an excellent month to be coworking in Gran Canaria and here are 3 good reasons why.

1. Las Palmas hosts its third annual Nomad City conference, from the 7-9 November. Network with other location independent professionals, meet startups who want to employ you or just party and celebrate the digital nomad lifestyle with other like-minded folk.

More than 40 industry vets are booked to speak on the usual range of subjects, plus there are workshops, beach activities and plenty of social activities to get to know your fellow nomads. Full details or all this year’s Nomad City here.

2. From Nomad to WOMAD. One week later – on the 15-18 November – our beautiful island plays host to another major international event, in the form of World Music festival WOMAD. Short for World of Music Arts & Dance, expect 3 days of truly international rhythms, workshops, global gastronomy and cabaret, plus plenty of stuff for the kids.

Admission is completely free over the entire 3 days. For more information and this year’s line up, click here.

3. Now that we’ve just about finished the refit of our new premises, you’d be crazy to leave the island without dropping by The House and booking your free one-day trial. We’ve spent a lot of time designing a creative and productive environment, that takes the best elements of coworking and managed office practicality, mixes in a huge dash of private members club chic and keeps plenty of original features.

We’d love the chance to give you a tour and the chance to experience what coworking in Gran Canaria is all about.


The growth of managed office spaces, busting the myths of freelance work and a travel visa for Digital Nomads, (Really!)

As they begin to attract scaleups and big business, coworking spaces are becoming more sophisticated, which could be a good thing as we bust a few digital nomad myths. Plus the best places to stay in Las Palmas.

Coworking comes of age

If you still think of co-working as a bunch of millenials loafing around on second-hand office furniture, think again. Today’s co-working spaces are attracting a diverse range of startups and scaleups as well as individuals, by offering private managed offices, meeting and event facilities, ergonomic furnishings and honor cafes.

As the demands of freelancers and small companies have matured, so have the spaces they want to work in. And these more organised working environments have begun to attract the attention of big business, according to a recent post on business website, which claims corporations are turning to co-working spaces and more particularly small managed offices, to house employees.

managed office spaces

Not just for freelancers

It’s certainly something we’ve noticed at The (all new) House and it makes total sense. Co-working and shared office spaces can – by the very nature of their business model – be a lot more flexible than regular commercial rental procedures, which involve multi-year leases, long contracts, utility bills etc.

The demand for managed office spaces

Even large companies can benefit from using coworking or managed office spaces, to house off-shore teams, outsourced projects or simply reward top performers with a workation by the beach. And as property website Commercial Observer points out; for many startups, having the flexibility to scale up as needed and avoid the need for long term contracts is becoming a must-have option.

The hidden costs of life as a digital nomad

Just as the physical environments of coworking are evolving, so are the people using them. A bunch of blog posts over the last month, written by seasoned vets of the coworking world, look a deeper look at some of the less attractive aspects of life on the road.

Busting a few myths

In a sometimes hilarious piece on her blog – The Remote Nomad – Katelyn Smith gets well and truly ‘stuck-in’ to a few of the stereotypical nomad types we’ve all met on our travels. She’s pulls no punches discussing the ‘better than you’ attitudes of some nomads and her attempts to avoid them.

Writing for the website, Productivity Coach Liz Huber talks of her failure to find personal satisfaction living on the road, despite having few of the problems most of us think prevent true happiness. For Liz, true freedom comes not from having the ability to work from anywhere, but rather by removing the external dependencies that prevent us feeling free.

Kicking off a new series, entitled #NomadTruths, the very excellent Digital Nomad Girls blog begins by explaining that there’s no right or wrong way to living life as a nomad and calling on readers to be truthful when describing their experiences, rather than glossing over factors like loneliness, rough travel and the never-ending search for a good wifi connection.

A visa for digital nomads? Really?

Estonia is to become the first country in the world to issue travel documents specifically for digital nomads. The country is rightly proud of its reputation, as a leader in the tech field, but only issues long-term working visas to people with a job offer or contract. However, as a test of its potential, from the beginning of 2019 Estonian authorities will be making around 1400 of the new visas available – on a first come, first served basis.

Planning a trip to Las Palmas? Looking for somewhere to stay?

If you like the sound of working in year round sunshine with a distinctly European way of life, you probably have Las Palmas on your list of must-see destinations. The administrative centre of The Canary Islands has plenty to offer digital nomads. Picture postcard beaches, breathtaking mountain ranges, a cosmopolitan city combined with an engaging mish-mash of cultures make the archipelago popular with entrepreneurial travellers from all over the world.

If you’re planning to visit us any time soon, check out this useful list of the best places to stay in Las Palmas, produced by our good friend Vikto Vincej, writing on the Traveling Lifestyle blog. And of course, if you need somewhere to work, be sure to stop by The House, say hello and book your free one-day trial.

June’s round up of the latest news from the co-working world.

The New York start-up that’s opening up Manhattan’s top dining spots, an end to the office as we know it (yes again) and some useful resources for digital nomads planning a visit to The Canary Islands.

las palmas co-working spacesThe Entrepreneur website features an article on KettleSpace founder Daniel Rosenzweig, who discusses the eureka moment that led him to launch the restaurant co-working app. Now occupying six sites in uptown New York, with plans to launch in other 50+ US cities during 2018, Rosenzweig had the idea for KettleSpace while sitting in an empty Manhattan diner.

With daily and monthly subscriptions available, users are under no obligation to buy food and drink on site and are free to use the space as they wish, outside regular opening times. Some venues even have private areas for remote workers to use during busy periods.

We all know remote workers are happy, right?

But how do you create a team from highly skilled workers who could be in different regions, countries or even continents and have little in common?

cowork las palmasNever engage in important conversations by text, respects your team’s personal time and build trust through occasional shared activities / office time, are the 3 golden rules of remote team management, according to business consultant Ryan Peck.

With a recent report claiming as many as 45% of Americans are now remote working, at least some of the time, Peck looks at the managerial challenges of nurturing strong team bonds between staff who may rarely, if ever, be in the same place at the same time.

Is this the end of the traditional office?

BMMagazine’s online edition picks up on the benefits of remote working for start ups and scale ups, where the costs of regular office space – especially in big cities – can be prohibitively expensive. Back in the mainstream, remote working is something 28% of British workers say they would consider swapping jobs for, while 65% of UK bosses interviewed by website say the are happy to offer their workforce the option to work from home.

Demand for co-working office space outstripping availability?

Which could be a good thing as a report by property firm Cushman & Wakefield claims as much as 20% of office space in London is now occupied by ‘flexible office suppliers’. The real estate specialists note that industry stakeholders are desperately seeking to provide new spaces for the rapidly expanding co-working sector.

Big cities not your thing? Come and co-work in The Canaries

co working in gran canariaIf you prefer fantastic beaches, superb watersports, dramatic mountain scenery, a distinctly Mediterranean vibe and near tropical weather, Gran Canaria is an island paradise that has it all. And it’s awesome location, at the southern tip of Europe, makes it a favourite spot for over-wintering digital nomads and remote workers.

If you haven’t considered the island yet, take a look at’s reasons to come and work in Las Palmas.

If that doesn’t convince you then the beaches and prices just might. Airbnb’s best places to stay in Gran Canaria has a great choice of good value accommodation. Once you’ve found somewhere to dump your laptop take your pick from the MirrorOnline’s selection of the best 5 beaches on Gran Canaria.

WordCamp 2018 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Book early if you need a co-working space between now and the end of February, as our hometown is playing host to WordCamp 2018 Las Palmas. Our friends at Secret Source are just one of the dozens of companies, open sourcers and WordPress gurus who’ll be speaking at the 3 day event.

Check out the following post from their blog which has all the info you need.

WordCamp 2018 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 23rd-25th February

wordcamp 2018 las palmas de gran canariaFebruary sees our hometown of Las Palmas host the latest European WordCamp meetup – 3 days of talks, presentations and workshops dedicated to all things WordPress.

What is WordCamp?

Built around a largely informal community of WordPress users from all over the world, WordCamps are organised and run by local volunteers, with the goal of sharing ideas and experience. While there’s a clear structure and program of events, there’s also an emphasis on coming together as a community, networking and sharing ideas with each other.

When is it?

WordCamp 2018 Las Palmas will take place at the impressive Elder Museum of Science & Technology here in Las Palmas and runs from the 23rd to the 25th of February – it’s open to anyone with an interest in WordPress. From part-time bloggers and newbies to professional developers and consultants, WordPress is the web platform of choice for almost a third of online businesses – more than 75 million websites – making it by far the most popular content management system in the world.

What’s happening?

2018 wordpress wordcamp las palmasWordCamp Las Palmas will host a variety of guest speakers – including our own developer Inma González who’ll be leading a session on developing WordPress plugins, from original concept through to finished article.

Other speakers and workshops will cover a wide selection of WordPress related topics ranging from launching a new business with online to complex debugging strategies.

For a full program of workshops and speakers, ticket prices and venue details check out the WordCamp Las Palmas 2018 website here.

Alternatively, for up to the minute news on WordCamp 2018 Las Palmas try the hashtag #WCGranCanaria on your favourite social media.

(This post first appeared on the Secret Source blog. Read the original here.)

Working together in The House – TVMucho

One of the great advantages of working in a shared workspace such as The House are the synergies that evolve and the working opportunities that arise from working together. We are such a close knit group that sometimes up to 50% of our work is from other members of The House.

Vince moved into the House in October when we opened and presented his project to us all. An IP TV box that will allow expats to watch their own TV when abroad but he needed good web programmers for his website, an industrial designer to design the packaging, designers to work on the corporate identity and someone to help building the business here in Las Palmas.

The House – designed to maximise your network

Did you know that most work interactions happen with the person sitting next to you? But what if your next super-contact is just 2 rooms away and you never meet them? Here at The House we’ve thought about this very problem very, very carefully. We know that networking and meeting new people can make or break a new business so we’ve designed our co-working space to maximise the chance of random interactions.

Where you sit matters

According to who you sit next to has a direct link to the amount of work interactions you have, with 60% of all work interactions happening with those in your close proximity. Therefore designing an office to maximise the chance of interacting with others is essential if you want to make those connections that could make your business. Continue reading “The House – designed to maximise your network”

Cycle to work at The House and be more productive

Here at The House in Las Palmas we’re always looking at making our coworking office the best possible place to work on the island. This month we’re doing all we can to make it easier for our coworkers to cycle to work. A new bike rack, cycle path map and a guide to getting a free bike.

The benefits of cycling to work at The House

We all know that exercising is good for you. It makes you happier, sleep better and healthier. You’ll be ill less and you’ll look better but did you know it also makes you more productive? Did you know that if you exercise you’ll not only look like an adonis you’ll also rule your workplace? Continue reading “Cycle to work at The House and be more productive”

23 reasons why digital nomads come to Gran Canaria

During the last month The House has hosted digital nomads from the Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, UK, USA, The Cape Verde Islands and even Spain. We’ve had programmers, SEO experts, data visualisation people and translators. But why have they come to Gran Canaria? Why is Las Palmas considered the second best place in the world to be a digital nomad?

We know why 🙂 Continue reading “23 reasons why digital nomads come to Gran Canaria”

Our first Christmas meal

Last Thursday we celebrated our first Christmas meal. Twenty one of us from The House had a long lunch at Maria y Stuart in Triana where we enjoyed some “British Tapas”.

To keep up with our international feel we enjoyed some Fish and Chips, Roast pork and Potatoes, Caesar salad and Brownies (not quite British but very American) and a big glass of Pimms. Julien kindly brought some Christmas crackers and we spent the rest of the afternoon telling bad English jokes and wearing paper hats. Continue reading “Our first Christmas meal”