Cycle to work at The House and be more productive

Here at The House in Las Palmas we’re always looking at making our coworking office the best possible place to work on the island. This month we’re doing all we can to make it easier for our coworkers to cycle to work. A new bike rack, cycle path map and a guide to getting a free bike.

The benefits of cycling to work at The House

We all know that exercising is good for you. It makes you happier, sleep better and healthier. You’ll be ill less and you’ll look better but did you know it also makes you more productive? Did you know that if you exercise you’ll not only look like an adonis you’ll also rule your workplace? Continue reading “Cycle to work at The House and be more productive”

23 reasons why digital nomads come to Gran Canaria

During the last month The House has hosted digital nomads from the Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, UK, USA, The Cape Verde Islands and even Spain. We’ve had programmers, SEO experts, data visualisation people and translators. But why have they come to Gran Canaria? Why is Las Palmas considered the second best place in the world to be a digital nomad?

We know why 🙂 Continue reading “23 reasons why digital nomads come to Gran Canaria”

Our first Christmas meal

Last Thursday we celebrated our first Christmas meal. Twenty one of us from The House had a long lunch at Maria y Stuart in Triana where we enjoyed some “British Tapas”.

To keep up with our international feel we enjoyed some Fish and Chips, Roast pork and Potatoes, Caesar salad and Brownies (not quite British but very American) and a big glass of Pimms. Julien kindly brought some Christmas crackers and we spent the rest of the afternoon telling bad English jokes and wearing paper hats. Continue reading “Our first Christmas meal”

English Friday

We are a multilingual lot here at The House, there’re a couple of English guys, an American a Dutch guy, a French guy, Italian girl, Swedish guy a few from the mainland and a few Canarians. We’ve also had people from Czech Republic, Cape Verde and Poland working here too. We all speak Spanish but not all of us are fluent in English yet so every Friday we try to change that with English Friday. Continue reading “English Friday”

We’re full after just one month!

On the 1st November we opened our doors to the public and after just one month we have filled every permanent and hot desk and there is even a waiting list! Over the next two weeks we’ll be adding a couple more standing desks so there will be room for a couple more hot desks – we’ll announce when they are ready and there are spaces again. Thanks so much to everyone for helping spread the word. We are really, really grateful. Continue reading “We’re full after just one month!”

Collaboration with Pequeños Valientes

The association “Niños con Cáncer. Pequeño Valiente” (Children with Cancer. Little brave one), was created to help improve the quality of life of children treated in the oncology department of the maternity hospital in Las Palmas .

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, their life and the life of their family changes suddenly. Fortunately, a large percentage of them overcome the disease, but the process is often long and complicated. “Pequeño Valiente” accompanies the children and their families all the way, providing assistance from playing with the children on a daily basis, to financial support for families with difficulties. Continue reading “Collaboration with Pequeños Valientes”

300mb internet over cable and on wifi !!

We have just finished upgrading our new internet connection and we can now boast download speeds of 300mb+ over cable AND wifi in all the office areas!

The screenshot from Speedtest is from an old Macbook pro over wifi in the furthest corner of the office. It’s even faster just next to the wifi antenna!

Grab yourself a monthly membership and get superfast internet at your desk, on the roof terrace and even in the cafes outside.

Everyone here learns a new English phrase every week

One of the many reasons people come to work at The House is the opportunity to practice English everyday and all the things we do to help people learn. This week we started a new initiative – “Phrase of the week”.

Every week we will publish a new phrase in the coworking and encourage people to use it in and around the office. We have also put it in a place where everyone will see it everyday – the bathroom. So next time we take a break from work for 5 mins and we’re relaxing in the quiet of the bathroom we’ll learn something useful. Continue reading “Everyone here learns a new English phrase every week”

Las Palmas is the second best place to work in the world

Wondering where to set up your next start up? Thinking about working as a digital nomad for a while? Well, according to Las Palmas is the second best place in the world to go.

Top of the list is Chiang Mai in Thailand but hot on its heels is our very own Las Palmas. Rated high for fun, safety, cost and weather what else could you want? Continue reading “Las Palmas is the second best place to work in the world”

Free Co-working in Las Palmas

If you are looking for a great place to work, right in the centre of the city you don’t need to look any further. Rent a permanent desk or hot desk from just 70€ a month.

Still not sure? Then come and give us a try. We offer a free week trial of our Hot Desk for residents in Gran Canaria. Yes, that’s right, a whole week for 0€ and that includes free desk, free 300mb wifi, free use of the meeting room, kitchen, dining area and roof terrace. Continue reading “Free Co-working in Las Palmas”