Collaboration with Pequeños Valientes

The association “Niños con Cáncer. Pequeño Valiente” (Children with Cancer. Little brave one), was created to help improve the quality of life of children treated in the oncology department of the maternity hospital in Las Palmas .

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, their life and the life of their family changes suddenly. Fortunately, a large percentage of them overcome the disease, but the process is often long and complicated. “Pequeño Valiente” accompanies the children and their families all the way, providing assistance from playing with the children on a daily basis, to financial support for families with difficulties.

“Pequeño Valiente” is a non profit organisation, and can only provide the help needed with the invaluable assistance of volunteers, contributions of partners and collaborators, in addition to the money raised at events that the association organises throughout the year.

The House has began working with “Pequeño Valiente” to help improve their visual communication and help spread the word about its cause to first, increase the number of members and volunteers, and secondly, to inform the public about their activities and help encourage greater participation. All the companies situated in The House, including specialists in graphic design, web programming, social networking, translation and project management will be working with this great cause to help all the brave little children suffering from cancer.

If you want to get involved please get in contact to see how you can help this great cause.

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