It’s August. It’s hot. Most of us are on the beach. But here’s the latest from the world of coworking in Las Palmas.

What to expect from life as a digital nomad, bringing up children on the road and how the boom in coworking spaces are changing the landscape of our cities.

You do know that being a digital nomad will change you as a person? Right?

Coworking spaces Las Palmas

Leading the digital nomad lifestyle is a great way to see the world. We all know that. But besides getting to explore new places, what will a life of travel and work teach us as human beings?

Writing on the Digital Nomad Soul website, longtime travellers Carla and Oliver have listed 30 – yes 30 – positive personal changes they’ve experienced since deciding to pack up their laptops and hit the road.  (Be warned, once you read 26 and 27 you may never want to go home!)

Freelancer lifestyle no longer a first world privilege

One criticism often levelled at the ‘location independent’ work model is that for the most part, it’s a privilege enjoyed only by holders of certain passports – most notably European or North American. But a recent article suggests the nomad trend is beginning to take off worldwide.

Having watched the comings and goings of jobbing travellers for more than a decade, talented web professionals in countries like India and Thailand are taking their skills to the co-working spaces of the world, combining a life of travel and work.

Bringing up kids on the roadLas Palmas coworking spaces

That’s a relatively simple step if you’re single, or part of a like-minded couple. But what about when you have kids to think about as well? Alyson Long – one half of the team behind the World Travel Family website – has taken that one step further. Having been on the road since 2012 her two sons have grown up in dozens of countries.

Alyson’s eldest is now a teenager and – for any digital nomads with young children considering the future – the journey she, and her family, have taken over the last 6 years makes a fascinating read. In her latest post, she explores aspects such as self-schooling, medical needs, language barriers and the need for friends as her kids become young adults.

It’s official, coworking spaces have a positive effect on local communities

The global shift to independent or freelance work, continued growth of startup companies and the consolidation of many into ‘scaleups’ is placing a big strain on commercial landlords and constructors in the world’s most popular cities. Demand for coworking spaces is at an all-time high and a recent report on news site Realty Biz News claims the move toward shared offices could be permanent.

Their report claims coworking is ‘upping the game’ and creating a new level of service or amenity, which can often have a very positive effect on individual properties, the areas where they are located and the people living closeby. The challenge for property developers is to deliver both leases and properties to meet shifting demand.

What should you consider when choosing a coworking space?

Not much, according to this recent blog on Indian coworking site Hub & Oak, which lists the 4 most important things to look for in a productive shared office environment. It may be short, but the checklist is well worth making a copy of.

Planning a trip to Gran Canaria?

If you are August is a great month to be here. Despite being very warm, we’re an island, so temperatures are a bit cooler than mainland Spain (where it’s hitting the high forties as I write this) and there’s always a cooling breeze off the sea. The sun is out, so every day’s a beach day and there’s absolutely zero rain forecast for a couple of months.Best coworking spaces in Las Palmas

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