Cycle to work at The House and be more productive

Here at The House in Las Palmas we’re always looking at making our coworking office the best possible place to work on the island. This month we’re doing all we can to make it easier for our coworkers to cycle to work. A new bike rack, cycle path map and a guide to getting a free bike.

The benefits of cycling to work at The House

We all know that exercising is good for you. It makes you happier, sleep better and healthier. You’ll be ill less and you’ll look better but did you know it also makes you more productive? Did you know that if you exercise you’ll not only look like an adonis you’ll also rule your workplace?

“How can exercise help me at work?” I hear you say. “It’ll just make me tired” “I don’t need to be fit to sit at a desk and send emails”. Well, according to exercise has many effects on how you perform in the workplace.  

  • You’ll be more alert and have more energy – increased blood flow to the brain will make you feel more awake at work and more capable tackling your daily work challenges.
  • Better physical health – Being fitter means you can handle any active parts of your job with ease.
  • Better mental health – the better your mental health the more productive you are, that’s obvious. Do exercise and curb feelings of anxiety and depression.
  • Illness prevention – Fitter people get ill less. We all know that. Do exercise and spend more days being productive than lying in bed watching re-runs of Friends.

Bike facilities at The House

  • 50 metres from the best cycle path on the island – We are situated a stone’s throw from the best cycle path on the island. The Avenida Maritima. Walk over Calle Triana, jump on your bike and within 2 minutes you’ll be cycling on a dedicated cycle path next to the sea. What better way to start or finish your day?
  • Secure internal bike rack – This month we’ve added a new bike rack in our internal patio. So you can store your bike safely and conveniently during the day. We also have a large changing room and space to leave your cycling clothes.
  • We’re close to almost everywhere in Las Palmas –  We’re 15 minutes cycle from Las Canteras. 5 minutes from Vegueta and 20 minutes from pretty much anywhere else in the city.

Where do I get a bike?

Cruise the city in these fab bikes
Cruise the city in these fab bikes

So you’re new to the island and you want a bike to be more productive at work where can you get a bike?

You can get one for free using the city’s free bike service – bybike . There is a drop off point about 50 metres from our office next to the Gabinete Literario

If you want a new bike, Decathlon in Telde is the easiest.

If you want a flashy bike, freemotion have a great selection of top-of-the-range second hand road bikes and mountain bikes.

If you just want something on a budget check out what’s available on the Spanish second hand website

So, if you’re here in the city and looking for a place to work. Get yourself a bike or sign up to the city’s free bike scheme and come to work refreshed and ready to tackle the day at The House. Desks available from only 100€ a month. Contact us now.

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