Our round up of the month’s digital nomad news

Meet the premium digital nomads doing it in style.

It had to happen. The inevitable emergence of what lifestyle website Quartzy describe as the premium digital nomad and new ‘high-end’ coworking spaces popping up to house them. Rather than fleeing urban life, in favour of low-cost, great view locations, these high rolling travellers are heading back to the major cities original digital nomads sought to escape. New York, London and Tokyo top the list of hotspots for remote workers not interested in roughing it. Rosie Spinks offers inspiration on the best places to live and work once that startup you’re working on secures it’s first round of funding. Read the full article here.

Is it possible to learn the digital nomad lifestyle?

The Guardian think it is and are even offering a one day masterclass on acquiring the ‘freedom to work from the road and explore the world while earning a living’. Practical insights and advice on working options are promised for aspiring nomads. If you’re new to the world of remote working and want to get a ground up idea of what it entails, this could be the perfect introduction. 17th July is the date, London the place and more info can be found on The Guardian website here.

7 tips for female digital nomads

Women’s lifestyle website Bustle has published loads of useful articles for female digital nomads and travellers. This recent post, by Suzannah Weiss, offers up a reality checklist – and a handy free worksheet – tailored to the specific issues women should consider when they hit the road. Honest, truthful and funny, Weiss sums it all up perfectly, with the line; ‘’live someplace with a low cost of living, and get a remote job from a company someplace with a higher cost of living, which will probably pay you more than you actually need where you are.’’ Read 7 tips for female digital nomads here. While you’re there, check out another of Suzannah’s posts, 9 Digital Nomads Share Their Advice For Working Remotely & Traveling The World – which pretty much does exactly what it says on the label.

Networking for nomads

Everyone needs a break right? And – as most jobbing travellers will tell you – it’s not always as easy as those guys and girls with sweet remote contracts from companies back home make it look. Most of us can expect times when the work dries up and we have to go looking for our next project. Connecting with other nomads can be a useful way of finding new opportunities. Could be they run a startup in need of your services, or that the company employing them are looking for new people. Either way, if finding new work is important for your lifestyle, the Outsite blog has 5 excellent tips for leveraging the power of networking as a digital nomad.

And finally…

Like every good news page, we end with a heart-warming story from The Irish Times about a couple in their fifties who ‘packed it all in’ and took up the digital nomad lifestyle, funding their travel by working as translators and blogging about their experiences . This is your not your average gap year story and the couple share some really useful tips about finding the best places to stay, cheap travel and earning money from their travels. If doing something similar means a reconsideration of responsibilities and changing your mindset or you just enjoy exploring some of the Europe’s less glamorous destinations, this is a must read. Meet the Irish couple who became digital nomads in their 50s.

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