English Friday

We are a multilingual lot here at The House, there’re a couple of English guys, an American a Dutch guy, a French guy, Italian girl, Swedish guy a few from the mainland and a few Canarians. We’ve also had people from Czech Republic, Cape Verde and Poland working here too. We all speak Spanish but not all of us are fluent in English yet so every Friday we try to change that with English Friday.

English Friday is simple – everyone speaks English to each other. We bring in croissants to give people an excuse to socialise even more than usual and everyone gets a free conversation class. As there are a few ex-teachers in the office everyone gets free lessons too. We’ve been running it for over a month now and it is working really well, so well that many are now speaking in English throughout the week too.

We’ve published our English Friday poster on twitter #englishfriday so if you think your business needs an excuse to speak more English why not give English Friday a go too and let us know with the hashtag #englishfriday . Download our poster and see how it goes.


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