Everyone here learns a new English phrase every week

One of the many reasons people come to work at The House is the opportunity to practice English everyday and all the things we do to help people learn. This week we started a new initiative – “Phrase of the week”.

Every week we will publish a new phrase in the coworking and encourage people to use it in and around the office. We have also put it in a place where everyone will see it everyday – the bathroom. So next time we take a break from work for 5 mins and we’re relaxing in the quiet of the bathroom we’ll learn something useful.

This week’s phrase of the week (if you can’t read the photo)

Phrase of the week

While you’re sitting on the loo having a number two, why not learn some English?

Blew me away

When something blows you away, you’re extremely impressed by it.

The latest James Bond film just blew me away. It was the most amazing film I had ever seen.

If you’d like to work at The House and get your free daily English classes with our resident Englishman, American and Dutchman please give us a shout.

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