Getting Started


Welcome to The House. Here are a few things to help you settle in. Any questions please just ask.

Network =
Password: Ask Richard or Ted or anyone else in the office

Please feel free to use the network printer for small print runs. If the paper or ink runs out please let Richard or Ted know.

In the kitchen there is a Dolce Gusto coffee machine with many different types of coffee / hot chocolate. The cost is 30c / capsule. Please put the 30c in the honesty box and we’ll use it to buy more coffee. There is milk in the fridge and sugar in the kitchen.

Please keep it clean and tidy and wash up after yourself. Spanish flies are pretty hungry beasts so they’re always looking for some free food. We prefer them to go next door.

There is a cold water dispenser between the main offices. Please feel free to help yourself.

Meeting room Apple TV:
If you want to use the Apple TV you can connect using airplay from your iPhone, iPad or Apple computer. For everyone else you can use the HDMI or VGA cable.

Booking the meeting room:
The meeting room is booked via a shared Google calendar. Please ask us to add you to the calendar.

Hot desks
As the hotdesks are shared desks please don’t eat at the table and try to keep them as clean as possible. Thanks.

Standing desk
This is for everyone. Please feel free to use it when you want, just put the stand on the table you are using.

Closing the front door
If you leave after 5pm please close the main front door on the way out, it stops people wandering in thinking that this is a shop.

English Friday
Every Friday everyone in the office tries to speak in English. We’ll provide croissants and breakfast things to help.


And that’s it. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re a friendly bunch here and want to make your stay as pleasant as possible so if you have any suggestions, complaints please don’t hesitate to speak to us.