Las Palmas is the second best place to work in the world

Wondering where to set up your next start up? Thinking about working as a digital nomad for a while? Well, according to Las Palmas is the second best place in the world to go.

Top of the list is Chiang Mai in Thailand but hot on its heels is our very own Las Palmas. Rated high for fun, safety, cost and weather what else could you want?

  • Great nightlife – check
  • Summer all year – check
  • Sports for everyone – check
  • World class cultural events – check
  • Amazing scenery and beaches – check
  • Cheap flights to all Europe – check
  • Amazing co-working places – check 😉

Here at the house we welcome everyone, from small businesses run by born and bred Canarians to itinerant Scandinavians setting up their new start up. Give us a call or pop in to see how we can help you and your business.

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