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‘The Canary is the English language newspaper on Gran Canaria.

Reaching well in excess of 50,000 English speakers every month, more than half of whom are solely online; the canary is the longest running and most widely distributed publication of its type on Gran Canaria.

With regular News, Views & Sunshine reported daily, and printed monthly, it is the only publication that seeks to connect English speakers living and working on Gran Canaria with the latest information; interpreting events and promoting better communication.

Whether you are advertising your services, promoting a product or searching for new business, this is the best and most consistent way to reach the many tens of thousands of English speakers resident on the island, as well as tens of thousands of visitors in the top 4 star and 5 star hotels, from the capital Las Palmas to the tourist resorts of the south.

Always seeking contributions and quality content, The Canary is volunteer led, priding themselves on positive social values and nurturing community growth.  We welcome barter and exchange of services as well as cold hard cash.

Editor-in-Chief Edward Timon adds “Our partnership with the innovators at the The House has helped us open our first Las Palmas office to grow from our primary client base on the south of Gran Canaria and develop the many opportunities available for English speaking businesses in the capital.”

Gran Canaria, in English, with a totally topical taste!’