The House – designed to maximise your network

Did you know that most work interactions happen with the person sitting next to you? But what if your next super-contact is just 2 rooms away and you never meet them? Here at The House we’ve thought about this very problem very, very carefully. We know that networking and meeting new people can make or break a new business so we’ve designed our co-working space to maximise the chance of random interactions.

Where you sit matters

According to who you sit next to has a direct link to the amount of work interactions you have, with 60% of all work interactions happening with those in your close proximity. Therefore designing an office to maximise the chance of interacting with others is essential if you want to make those connections that could make your business.

At The House we have carefully designed the work areas to maximise your chance of interactions.

Little things like the water cooler is positioned in the middle of the office so you have to pass other people to fill up your glass of water, and big things like our scheduled lunch time and chillout areas.

Lunch time

At The House every day between 1330 and 1400 almost everybody goes up to the roof terrace to have lunch. Not only do we get much needed fresh air but we meet new people everyday, whether it is the new programmer from the Czech Republic, the new Internet sensation from Romania or the famous sports journalist just passing through, we interact with everyone and make new connections and friends everyday.


Our kitchen is an actual kitchen not a table at the back of the office so people go there and chat while making their cortado or hot chocolate. Every Friday we provide free fruit, croissants and yoghurt so people have breakfast together too.

Informal chill out area

We are currently building a new area in the office with sofas and coffee tables where people can work in comfort or just have informal meetings.

Our super roof terrace

We reckon we have the best office roof terrace in Triana. We have a hammock, a sofa and many tables and chairs. Our coworkers often pop up to the roof for a break or an informal chat. It’s a great place to meet you new people and make that all important new contact.

So if you want to meet new people, get new business contacts and help your company pop round to The House and have lunch with us, hang out in the kitchen or just chat to the person sat next to you. Contact us now to see how you can get a desk from just 100€ a month.

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